Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is a Water Fountain the Solution to your Decor Issues?

By: Julien Raynal

Water has an innate quality of bringing in serenity and peace. Water fountains are interesting and nice to watch, both for the children and the grown ups. Water soothes frayed nerves by its continuous motion, with no sudden jarring movement – unlike water falls that have variations in the volume of water flowing based on the level of water in the river that feeds them.

In fact there are a number of books on Feng Shui that suggest having small water fountains inside the home or in the lawns to bring in peace, harmony, and relaxation. Water fountains serve as good humidifiers in allowing water to evaporate and provide the environment with a cooler atmosphere. Water fountains are soothing and relaxing, possibly because they bring a constant flow of water, eliminating abrupt changes in the normal flow of the water.

Water fountains come in various designs and creative patterns. There are floor fountains, wall fountains, and desktop varieties of water fountains.

Large size fountains are great fun to watch. Some of the very nice and popular fountains are present in United States. For example, the water fountains in the Bellagio Casino of Las Vegas number more than one thousand and they are part a beautiful song and dance show every day. The fountains move and throw water in special patterns, their heights rise and fall based on the pitch of the songs. Another large size water fountain that is a pleasure to the eyes is the one in Chicago, called the Buckingham water fountain, which was presented by the English and is even maintained by them.

Interior wall water fountains can fill a room with a relaxing sound. These can be as small as a paper pad or as large as to occupy one whole wall. These normally adorn executive offices, lobbies, and homes. These come in various shapes and sizes as well as in different materials like glass, marble, cement, plexi glass and metals like steel or copper. The only requirements for these fountains are a source of water, strong wall support and electricity to circulate the water back to the top. These come in straight designs or in different shapes – either straight or using shapes like leaves or sea shells to get the water from top to the bottom.

Desktop water fountains are those that can adorn office desks, and create a pleasant environment compensating for the pressures of work life. Water fountains come with decorations that can enhance the surroundings, providing an interesting and sophisticated look using colored lights or angels. Staggered leaves allow a gradual flow of water. Pebbles allow water to seep through and sometimes can even glow in the dark. Such desktop or counter top water fountains can also be used for homes in kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms where they provide a good continuous flow of water and soothing sounds to enhance the peaceful environment of the house.

Desktop varieties of water fountains are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Basically the water level comes down, as it continuously evaporates and needs to be replenished. It would be good practice to clean the adornments like pebbles, copper containers, and small items placed for decoration purposes. If not well attended to for a long time, water fountains can form a green curtain of moss.

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